Zenonia 4 : Ranger Class Guide


   Ranger is a range type Class (maybe that's why they called him RANGEr). Like for other RPG Hero games if you are a Range type you have to boost your dexterity or anything that will enhance your range power. Dexterity will also increase your accuracy and critical so its a no brainy to boost your Dexterity.

Ranger has a lot good skills like in early game you can summon the  TK-x android that will  assist you in your battle and late game at level-30 you have 'Concentrated Shot', its like calling an air strike to wipe up your enemies just a piece of cake.

This is the most recommended Class to get more loots and share it to your other class. In Den of Trials and ABYSS this is the easiest class to use aside from other two class like Slayers and Bladder. Just use your Concentrated Shots before your opponent do his move if this still alive blast him with Lightning Bolt.


  • Its easy to use, you just have to stay out from your enemy range and let your rapid fire kill them
  • It has high dexterity stats that will give you good critical-damage, evasion, and plus attack damage
  • Easy to build up, you just have to focus on your DEX and INT
  • Its cheap because you just need equipment that has good crticial damage and evasion
  • you leave and die with your evasion
  • great skill like Concentrated Shot that will wipe up all monsters instantly

  • Make sure you're firing in perfect timing otherwise your can not move and will be vulnerable with attacks
  • Has the most low HP compare to other Built Class 
  • Pure DEX and INT built are Weak on enemy attacks, so always equip with good DEF
  • Expensive with Potions usage because of low HP and weak DEF, Ranger has always to keep more potions for its survival


Pure DEX

  At early level, start to boost up your DEX to increase your attack power. Since Ranger are weak in DEF you have to deal with your attack power and evasion.

  You can also distribute some of the stats in your INT like (2DEX + 1INT) per level

Pure INT

  At early level start to increase with your INT then some DEX (2 INT  + 1 DEX) per Level. This is good for a caster specialy when your FAST SKILL passive skill is upgraded. You can cast as soon as you can and having large amount INT you'll not be running out of Mana.


    Is much better, increasing a bit of STR per 3Level will give you more survival chance specially in PVP mode. 


   If you are pure DEX Ranger, always upgrade all your PASSIVE skills like Agility, Upgrade Weapons, Psychic Links, Potion Plus and Fatal Shot. Don't upgrade with ACTIVE skills because you don't have that much INT to accommodate the Manas. Fast Kill has no use if you don't much used ACTIVE skills so you can just leave it

  If you are INT or a HYBRID you can focus much more on ACTIVE skills but don't forget to boost your 1/2 of AGILITY and UPGRADE WEAPONS. FAST KILL is the most important skills you must have to have more Concentrated Shots activation.


  • Agility  - this is good to boost your DEX at early level. You can max this atleast 5 to save more poitns.
  • Slow Shot - is weak skill you can just have this in early level just to have something to activate
  • Scope - this will boost your HIT, not bat to get it for 3points
  • Cannon Booster - not bad for a activating skill in early level to enhance your attack and Range for killing bosses
  • Reflect Shot - you can ignore this 
  • Sonic Wave - like Cannon Booster you can use them as combo for Bosses 
  • Charge Shot - not a strong attack you can leave it
  • Activate TK-X2 - this is useful to divert your enemy attacks and as a shield too. This is good if you in early level of 20-25
  • Potion Plus - is optional but it will help you to get more Health and Mana per potion as for Range is weak in vital health
  • Fast Kill - is a must for Ranger. Have this in full if you are DEX +INT type Ranger. This will speed up your skill cooldown. The early the cool down is.. the more attack skills you can get
  • Extreme Kill - not a good skill you just need this to get the other skill
  • Psychic Link - its a must for Ranger to have this since it has big DEX for Evasion
  • Upgrade Weapon - upgrade this to enhance your attack since you don't have much STR
  • Electric Shield - not so important Skill.. it generates your damage into SP whereas you have LOW HP to risk for SP
  • Lightning Bolt - a good skill at mid-level, this is a must have. It will shocks your Enemies for a secs 
  • Force Weapon - you need to have this at MAX level as you can. This will increase your ATK
  • Concentrated Shot - the best attack skill of the Range. Just have this as long as you have good SP to use. This will kill all your enemies like an Ion-Cannon
  • Temptation Explosion - not a good skill though you can make fun with your enemies seeing their fighting each other
  • Sacrifice - not a good skill, risking your SP for an enhanced attack in a limited time
  • Fatal Shot - one of the Passive Skills if you like CRIT ATK more
  • Area Zero -  the ultimate Passive skill of the Range. This will give you a free SP for any skills. Once this got activated, just do frenzy attack while it last.
  • Thunderbolt - like concentrated Shot this is a good skill for those who has BIG SP. You can use this once your Area Zero has been activated


Level - 2 – Slow Shot (1)
Level - 3 – Agility (1)
Level - 4 – Agility (2)
Level - 5 – Activate TK-X2 (1)
Level - 6 – Agility (3)
Level - 7 – Agility (4)
Level - 8 – Agility (5)
Level - 9 – Agility (6)
Level - 10 – Agility (7)
Level - 11 – Agility (8)
Level - 12 – Agility (9)
Level - 13 – Reflect Shot (1)
Level - 14 – Agility (MAX)
Level - 15 – Poption Plus (1)
Level - 16 – Fast Skill (1)
Level - 17 – Fast Skill (2)
Level - 18 – Fast Skill (3)
Level - 19 – Fast Skill (4)
Level - 20 – Extreme Kill (1)
Level - 21 – Upgrade Weapon (1)
Level - 22 – Upgrade Weapon (2)
Level - 23 – Upgrade Weapon (3)
Level - 24 – Upgrade Weapon (4)
Level - 25 – Upgrade Weapon (5)
Level - 26 – Upgrade Weapon (6)
Level - 27 – Upgrade Weapon (7)
Level - 28 – Lightning Bolt (1)
Level - 29 – Psychic Link (1)
Level - 30 – Concentrated Shot (1)
Level - 31 – Concentrated Shot (2)
Level - 32 – Psychic Link (3)
Level - 33 – Psychic Link (4)
Level - 34 – Fast Skill (5)
Level - 35 – Psychic Link (2)
Level - 36 – Psychic Link (3)
Level - 37 – Psychic Link (4)
Level - 38 – Psychic Link (5)
Level - 39 – Force Weapon (1) 
Level - 40 – Thunderbolt (1)
Level - 41 – Thunderbolt (2)
Level - 42 – Area Zero (1)
Level - 43 – Area Zero (2)
Level - 44 – Force Weapon (2) 
Level - 45 – Fatal Shot (1) 
Level - 46 – Fatal Shot (2)
Level - 47 – Fatal Shot (3)
Level - 48 – Fatal Shot (4)
Level - 49 – Fatal Shot (5)
Level - 50 – Fatal Shot (6)

Leveling Up in Dens Trial

  The easiest way to Level Up in Dens Trial is to use your Concentrated Shot. Make sure you gather all your enemies in one reachable are then hit them in one shot of the Concentrated Shot. Once your done, wait to cool down your skills then proceed to the next level then do the same thing again. If your Area Zero got activated, then use your Ultimate Attack the Thunder Bolt.

 Once you reached to Level-10 wherein there's a Hero opponent, you need to cast the Concentrated Shot quickly before he approach you. Another skill you can use to finish him quick is the Lightning Shot.

  If you're in Level-30 below, you have to get more patience on finishing every level. You can go to a Team Up to kill the monster more easy. If you're playing in Single then you have to summon your TK-X2 droid, to use it as a shield and to divert your enemies. From here, keep on firing them with your attack or your Lightning Volt.


Killing The Bosses

  Every Boss has its own characteristics and skills to counter but the most obvious to as a Ranger is to keep away from them. Having a LOW HP and DEF, you have to keep out from their reach, even your high evasion won't guarantee you're safe from their attack. Always pack your self with potions to keep you alive.

  For early Level (30 below) you have to be more agile. Wait for your Enemy to attack before you do your attack then quickly move to another place. You can use your AT-X2 to have a shield but most Boss will just ignore it. If the Boss has underlings, use your Thunder Bolts or any mass attack skills. You can use your Buff like shield to increase your DEF and also the Buff to low your Enemy DEF to make your shots more effective.

 For mid Level (30-50) you just have to use your Concentrated Shot at the right time but if they run to you use your Thunder Bolt to freeze for a while. Run away while you're Concentrated Shot is cooling down then once its ready.. shot your enemy again.


  1. Why no Dex/Con or Int/Con build? I have an int/con ranger, I never die and got great Att! I tried full dex, but died in 1 or 2 hits.... it sucked.

  2. yes full-Dex is sucks, its not like your other RPG wherein if you have a lot of DEX you will get a lot of EVA. The only good with high DEX is the CRIT nothing else. Its better to maintain your CON to survive.


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